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Backwell Tech. is a Berlin-based start-up that develops software based on artificial intelligence algorithms.



Backwell Tech. is a Berlin-based start-up that develops software based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Our mission is to create truly innovative solutions that give real added value to our customers. We want to be a long-term partner, aiming to provide products and strategic solutions that enable our customers to achieve their most important goals. To accomplish this, we share our ideas and technical knowledge on topics such as: Statistics, Mathematics, Big Data, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, Artificial Neural Networks, Game Theory.



Maximilian G. | Managing Director

"I listen to customers' needs to understand how Backwell Tech. can bring real value through an innovative product or a strategic idea to be implemented. I then follow all the steps of the implementation, giving the team the maximum possible support, specifically: conception, design and support in the creation of the algorithms, language models, natural language generation models and quantitative models aimed at forecasting aspects".

Emiliano M. | Quant

"Design of predictive mathematical models and artificial intelligence algorithms. At operational level, my role is to translate the ideas behind the algorithms into quantitative terms, actively contributing to: the process of creating, supervising and modifying the algorithms and models within them."

Andrea P. | Financial Director

“I am in charge of managing the financial side, especially the investor side, strategic partnerships or M&A proposals. I was the first real investor in Backwell Tech., believing in the team and the ideas from day one, when everything was not even on paper.”

Giordano M. | Project Manager & Senior Developer

“My main responsibility as project manager is to make sure that the team achieves all the project goals required by the clients, meeting all expectations, monitoring all phases from start-up to implementation and delivery. Thanks to my skills as a developer, I am able to identify and propose technical solutions, planning and assigning the various tasks to be carried out to the competent resources, and monitoring all the various phases necessary for the development of the innovations."

Fabio C. | Scientific Research Advisor

“I help the team to evaluate the solutions in the doctrine, comparing them with those developed internally to understand, based on customer needs, what the best match might be in terms of quality and resources-return. My scientific approach as a researcher allows me to meaningfully evaluate the algorithms and models developed by our team, so as to direct Backwell Tech.'s strategic choices and advance the state of the art.”



  • Design and implementation of truly intelligent digital platforms (IT, Network);
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): by analysing business processes it is possible to automate them by developing and implementing an RPA bot, e.g. for the robotization of debt collection activities;
  • Integrating and analysing all data from different countries/markets (on-line/off-line) or from different divisions (in the case of a holding company for example);
  • Designing and implementing Business Intelligence and A.I. solutions to support data-driven decision-making through machine learning (ML, ANN) and cognitive technologies (NLP, NLG);
  • Automate a large part of customer service/marketing activities through the use of voicebots that can be integrated with VoIP and possibly also have a voice very similar to the natural voice;
  • Support the end-customer or back-office by categorising and selecting the most important information, based on a request made or problem presented;
  • Analysing data and trends for the marketing of all e-commerce, publishers and any online site of interest to management;
  • Develop a lead scoring algorithm for sales, analysing all data sources of the company (marketing, CRM, customer support) to determine which leads have high potential and which do not.


Backwell Tech. suite, here you will find a description of the software already implemented.


The software is able to write: a) newspaper articles b) analyses on share price movements / specific reports on balance sheets or financial data / product sheets;

The software can write marketing content (content creation) or press releases based on the information received from the user and the training done;

Boston Forecaster

The software predicts which customers will leave the company and choose the competition;

The software predicts the closing prices of stocks given the opening prices;

The software can predict whether a customer:

  • will make a new product request;
  • will refund/pay or not;
  • is committing fraud;

Boston Customer Assistant

The software contacts potential customers to make an appointment with the consultant, communicate an important message or do a quality check;

The software can handle a large part of customer service activities (e.g. communicate an amount/deadline, or make appointments or give information on why a certain amount was sent/received, etc.);


Our advantage as products

Actually our suite comprises four strategic functionalities:

  1. Customer portfolio monitoring and forecasting using internal company data and/or data from external sources;
  2. Customer support;
  3. Ability to massively contact customers or prospects to achieve one or more objectives;
  4. Content creation: editorial/information/marketing/analytical;

None of our competitors have ever integrated all these functionalities in a suite. That's why we can aspire to different sectors, despite the fact that our competitors are very high-profile.

For us at Backwell Tech, every project is important. We never look at the clock because our vision is long-term. If you have a customised project to realise, whatever it may be, talk to us and we will be happy to do it together.



If there's something really complex to do, that's why Backwell Tech.

We grew up managing complexity.

We started from scratch and built three incredible software, even though the odds of success were all against us. In truth, the odds of success have always been against us, but we don't care about the odds of success, because we have our own methodology that guides us towards achieving our goals.

Our principles

We build what we need.

Our solutions must positively change our client's economic indicators.

We must bring real value in the next 3-5 years after the project.

When our client talks about the results, we want them to be proud.

We are not a consultant, we are not a service company, we build products. And we build them together with our clients.


Why Us

We work in an industry where methods and processes are fundamental. There are standard operating procedures, there are conventional approaches to how things have always been done and there are conventional approaches to how to deal with the technology of the future.

We are fully aware that processes and procedures are important, but at Backwell Tech. our approach will be different. Improvisation. Agility. Openness to debate. Humble but fearless. Born of humility.

Why are we different from everyone else? Because we are survivors.

The origins of Backwell Tech. lie in a group of people who have experienced the most difficult situations. They have gone through the risk of losing their dignity by losing their jobs, for some their life's work, in order to follow their ideas and passion for innovation.

The survivors will never forget the courage they had and the ability they showed to get out of a desperate situation, and they will remember it even now, every day. This is the culture inherent in this company.

Is there a manual for the future? The answer is that there are no notes, no instruction manual. Backwell Tech. is based on innovation born of hard work and ideas. Those of us who are born out of adversity operate without a script, without pre-written music.


Contatto diretto

For any questions or information, you can write directly to massimiliano@backwelltech.com or hello@backwelltech.com

If you prefer a telephone contact, you can find Maximilian at (+39) 348.27.92.435 (also whatsapp).
Thank you